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Our hunts take place on Private Ranches in the Mountains of West Texas. This is not a high fenced hunt over water, this a true free range hunt and these sheep live in “Sheep Country” on some rugged rocky terrain in a typical desert habitat.  

We are far from any paved road or any towns. It is a remote ranch and the accommodations are simple, however, we have everything you should need. Running water, Shower, Bathrooms, Bedrooms, Chef prepared meals, Wifi, and Satellite TV.

You will spend your days out on the ranch hunting for sheep covering a lot of ground. The ranches have a deep history and there is a lot to see and learn about the history of the Ranch and the area while you are glassing up Sheep!

Aoudad or Barbary Sheep are native to the Desert Mountains in the Sahara region of northern Africa. In 1924, aoudad were released on the Hearst Ranch-mostly unfenced-in San Luis Obispo County, California, and have since populated nearby areas, where they have been hunted without legal protection. They were introduced in 1950 in the Canadian River Canyon in New Mexico by the state game department, with hunting by drawn permit. Some of these animals have wandered across the Southwestern portion of the United States and as far as Colorado and Oklahoma. Abundant in the wilds of Texas, as a result of state-sponsored releases, also elsewhere from private releases. The aoudad is a superb game animal, exceptionally challenging to hunt.

We operate on Mountain Time! Where we are located is right on the line of Central and Mountain Time. Please keep this in mind when arriving to the Ranch or any “Pick up Points.” Your phone or clock may say different, but we operate on Mountain Time!

Did you know that the Aoudad is neither a Goat (Capra) nor a Sheep (Ovis) it is really the only genus of the Ammotragus (A.lervia)?